Early Dutch Documentaries about ‘House’ 0

Documentaries form the early days. What became mainstream was occult back then. House music reached the surface with stories about ‘strange’ music, late night parties and drug abuse and became interesting enough to be documented. See for yourself how the Dutch people where informed about a new fenomenon (Dutch language only).

Classic: Grooveyard – Mary Go Wild 0

1997 Grooveyard / AKA Secret Cinema / AKA Jeroen Verhey. The tracks presented here are imho his best work. Epic in those days, still on top of my list. Especialy “Watch Me Now”. Killing drumloop (Got to lookup that original), funky cheerfull break followed by killer bassline and voice sample with the reverbration of a […]

Classic: Me & Jack – Viva House 0

1996 Thought that Michel de Hey had something to do with this one. But probably confused cause I have heard him played this track a couple of times. The most memorable was at De Pier (The Hague). Still wondering why they poured such incredible amounts of liquor. Other DJ’s was Remy. Don’t remember the name […]

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