Early Dutch Documentaries about ‘House’ 0

Documentaries form the early days. What became mainstream was occult back then. House music reached the surface with stories about ‘strange’ music, late night parties and drug abuse and became interesting enough to be documented. See for yourself how the Dutch people where informed about a new fenomenon (Dutch language only).

Classic: Alice D In Wonderland – Time Problem 0

1991 Seve, my good friend, asked me why “Time Problem” wasn’t on the site. Well, good question! So here we have one of the most obscure house tracks ever. The creators are DJ Dimitri and Eric Nouhan. Dimitri Kneppers is one of the early hours Amsterdam DJ’s. But from the beginning he was something different. […]


Track: Tetz – I Need Your Lovin [Remix] 0

Time to practice a remix! Found a ton of accapelas, but one was special: Need some lovin’. Classic offcourse. Also wanted to try a more harder style. The idea was to go hardstyle, but the result was less hard but more melodic. Spent a lot of time on it. Hope you enjoy! . Again, nothing […]

Classic: Jark Prongo – Spadet 0

2008 Offcourse there is room for discussion, but not when it’s about Detroit. Mother earth for dance music. I categorize “Spadet” as Detroit. It could haven been made by Juan Atkins, Derrick May or UR. Tracks of Jark on the Fresh Fruit label sound completely different. I would like to think these are complete different […]

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